Art Studio 32 Flavours

Art with Tracy

Art classes provided by a qualified art teacher for children, teens and adults in a dedicated art studio.

Art Classes with Tracy

Weekly art classes are offered for children, teens and adults. Assistance is offered to students working on matric and other portfolios.


  • Children are encouraged to develop their creativity and self confidence through self-expression and the exploration of techniques and materials.
  • Teenagers enjoy this creative environment where they improve their technical skills, develop confidence and explore new forms of artistic expression.
  • Support is offered for matric students working on exam or university application portfolios.
  • Adult classes are offered for beginner and advanced students. The lessons are suitable for anyone interested in exploring their creativity and improving their technical abilities.

Looking for something short-term?

Workshops: learn new skills and have fun with different mediums and techniques.

Workshops are a great opportunity to learn new techniques and mediums or refresh technical skills. Introductory courses are offered in Drawing, painting and printmaking.

Contact Tracy

For more information about classes, workshops or Art Studio 32 Flavours, reach out to Tracy. 

“My experiences at 32 Flavours Art Studio has left me with not only the ability to manipulate a medium in an unconventional way but to also breathe life and character into the art I produce.”


(young adult)


Art from 32 Flavours

View our gallery of some of the wonderful art works made by the children, teens and adults at Art Studio 32 Flavours